Increasing growth opportunities through staff development and operational insight

Do you need a Genie in a bottle? Your wish is our command!

With nearly 30 years in multifamily management, MCS understands the challenges of handling multiple tasks at once. The demands of meeting deadlines, owner’s expectations, employee challenges, and resident satisfaction simultaneously can be so daunting that we become ineffective or important tasks often slip through the cracks altogether.

MCS is built on honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices and serves all levels of property management. From temp staffing to due diligence and beyond, MCS offers the extra set of hands, listening ears, extra time and unbiased feedback you need to take your management to the next level and increase your return on investment.

  • Training and Staff Development- Your people are your most valuable asset. Have you invested proper time in their training to ensure engagement? Are your employees happy and loyal? Do they feel valued? Did you know that highly-engaged companies have 44% higher operating margins? Are you aware that data shows resident turnover is directly related to employee turnover? Employee turnover in the multifamily industry is 54% and turnover costs can run 150% of their annual salary. MCS offers both individual and group training as well as seminars. Your people are a wise investment!
  • File audits- Management companies utilize legally binding documents for a reason. Are your lease documents completed properly? Is information conflicting with your reporting? Are you making business decisions based on inaccurate data? How much will these errors cost? Let MCS validate your data integrity to avoid costly errors.
  • Capital improvements assessmentAre you spending your capital funds where needed? Are your capital funds achieving the highest return on investment? Are there unidentified capital needs? MCS can provide proper inspection and an unbiased opinion based on cost effectiveness and highest return on investment.
  • Acquisition/ Due Diligence- Due diligence can be extremely taxing on your company. However, if not done properly it can be extremely costly down the road. If you need professional assistance with the due diligence process without spending unnecessary capital, MCS can assist with inspections, file audits, income/ expense evaluations and more.
  • Leasing and Marketing – Are your leasing skills top notch? Are your marketing campaigns working? Are your leads being properly tracked and is follow up being performed? Is your target market truly your target? Do you need assistance with your marketing campaigns to ensure performance while keeping staff on site? MCS can help evaluate, train, or assist with lease up needs.
  • Talent Search- Need assistance finding qualified employees? Hate wasting time with unqualified candidates? MCS will post ads, conduct preliminary interviews, and check references to save you time and money.
  • Operations/ efficiency- Are your management operations efficient? Cost effective? Are you focusing on the right targets? Are important items falling through the cracks which are costly to your organization? Let MCS evaluate your operations for feedback on efficiency and cost effectiveness to help alleviate time and money wasters while increasing employee engagement.
  • Evaluation of Staffing- Do you have the right team in place to accomplish your goals? Do you have sufficient staffing? Can you eliminate or reduce costs through staff changes or more effective training? Is turnover high? Do you need assistance with exit interviews to find out why employees are really leaving? Third party interviews often gain more honest answers for better insight to lower turnover.
  • Leadership Development-Leadership does not come with titles, but talent and experience. Does your company have a great team but lack leadership? Let MCS assist in developing leadership skills for your current and future leaders through hands on evaluation and coaching, one on one or group training, or seminars that are specific to clients’ needs.
  • Property Assessment - Is your signage sufficient? Is your curb appeal lacking? Do you have health and safety issues that are going unnoticed? Do you need a fresh set of eyes to evaluate? MCS will provide full property analysis reports to ensure that these and other items aren’t falling through the cracks.
  • Repositioning- Purchasing value add property, deeply discounted property, or a property with rehab needs? The quicker NOI improves, the quicker the property can be repositioned. MCS can help evaluate current NOI and assist with rehab plans and oversight to improve income more quickly.
  • Website Reviews- Is your web presence a positive, professional one? Is your information accurate? Are your websites generating qualified leads? Let MCS critique your web presence to ensure that you are generating the leads you’re paying for!
  • Market Surveys- Is your site staff treating this as busy work with a deadline or getting accurate information? Do you need better, more in depth information? Are your comps truly comps?
  • Mystery Shops- Mystery Shops are a great way of knowing how your employees and the competition really stack up as well as ensuring that Fair Housing guidelines are being followed. MCS will perform phone and personal shops to evaluate performance for potential training needs, potential hire, or market evaluation.
  • Income/ Expense Review-Does your cost per unit mesh with industry standards? Is Pro Forma based on accurate information? Are you leaving potential income on the table? Are you spending more than necessary? Do you have spend controls in place? Have you audited capital expenditures to ensure tangibility? Let MCS review financial performance and offer insight on increasing income and lowering expenses.
  • Resident Satisfaction/ Retention- Are your turnover costs higher than they should be? Have you solidified answers as to why residents are moving? How satisfied are your residents with your services? Are your services cost effective? Can you eliminate expenses through better retention campaigns? Let MCS evaluate your current services, resident satisfaction and retention campaigns to reduce turnover costs.
  • Maintenance review/ evaluation- Let MCS help uncover process deficiencies that can affect product quality, turnover costs, and unnecessary waste.
  • Product Evaluation, Branding and Perception - What is the perception of your company? Your product? Your people? How are you branding your product? Your company name is on your product. Does it portray the standard that you strive for? Through in depth reviews from residents and the market, MCS will gather information to to determine your reputational management and how to make it healthier.
  • Pricing Strategies- You set your pricing based on product, promotion, people and of course, the market. Is your pricing right? Has the market changed? Has your product, people or promotion changed? MCS will perform market studies to evaluate these questions and ensure that your pricing is right for top revenue.
  • Social Media- The impact of social media transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives. Not utilizing social media campaigns in almost barbaric, but improper usage can damage your professional reputation. Do you have an SOP for your social media campaigns? Are you utilizing them effectively? Let MCS help.
  • Budgeting- A budget is an estimate of income and expenses over a specific period of time typically using historical data to reflect future goals. If not properly prepared, you could potentially repeat past mistakes. MCS can evaluate budgets, assist with training employees on budget preparation and review, or create your budgets.
  • Management, Construction Oversight, Vendor Referrals- Need professional management for your investment? Need assistance overseeing capital improvements or rehab needs? Need dependable vendors to perform needed work? Have you considered maximizing your tax benefits with cost segregation studies? With nearly 30 years’ experience across the Southeast, MCS has contacts in numerous areas to provide the support you need.